Why hire a landscape designer?

Why get a landscape design? There are many reasons.

A well prepared landscape design can save you time and money and greatly enhance your life. It will compliment your home’s architecture and your aesthetic tastes. It will graphically illustrate the overall layout of your yard with notes on design features, tree location and general plant placement.

Whether it’s reducing water usage or fire vulnerability, dealing with hungry deer, poor soil or privacy issues, too much sun, too much shade, solving landscaping problems is what I do.

I am well versed in the use of sustainable and organic gardening principles such as water thrifty planting practices, using native grasses and meadows as lawn replacements, creating bird, butterfly and other wildlife friendly landscapes and adding edibles to your garden in unique and decorative ways.

More benefits include:

  • Increase your home’s value, boost curb appeal
  • Enlarge your living area
  • Make the most of your property
  • Create places to relax, play and entertain- an outdoor kitchen, a water feature, fire pit, raised planters, walkways, herb garden or a reading nook
  • Enjoy a vacation destination in your own back yard, add a pool, spa, or a sports court
  • Clear communication of your objectives to contractors bidding on or installing your project
  • Enable client to install all or part of the project
  • Receive plant discounts
  • Conserve water, reduce energy bills
  • Plant once with the right plant in the right place
  • Grow your own food, add edibles to the landscape
  • Create a pet friendly garden
  • Attract birds and butterflies, add fragrance to your garden
  • Install in phases as money and time becomes available
  • Create privacy
  • Reduce fire vulnerability
  • Facilitate homeowners associations’ design review process with a professionally drawn plan
  • Take advantage of our terrific climate