Landscape Design

First, it acts as a communication device. It tells the installer exactly what you want so he can bid accurately and provide what you were expecting. If you have a Homeowner’s Association, it lets the Review Committee know what you are planning.

Its other function is helping you discover what is possible. I will help sort through your ideas, your questions, your wish list, your complaints and frustrations, to get down on paper a design that is pleasing, personal, and functional. My job is to listen to you, offer suggestions and help get your desires down on paper so you can end up with a yard you are happy with.

Every project is different so it is difficult to predict what will be necessary in order to provide you with a design without first seeing your property and meeting with you.

How to prepare for initial visit

  • Look over the client questionnaire, but please don’t feel you have answer all the questions. They probably don’t all apply. I provide them to help you start thinking about what you may want.
  • Obtain a copy of your Home Owner’s Association’s current landscape requirements.
  • Have available any photos you like from the internet (Houzz is very fun), books or magazines, or of plants you’ve seen at the nursery. Give me the address of a neighbor’s yard you like.

[ Client Questionaire ]

Initial Visit

We can schedule this meeting anytime during the week including evenings as long as it is light. You give me a tour. I’ll ask a lot of questions. I’ll give you a bid for the design including a payment contract for you to sign.

The Process

Depending of what service I am providing you, I may take measurements, analyze existing on-site and immediate off site conditions, take photographs and gather the information I need to begin the design process.
My services can range from something as simple as providing you with a list of trees suitable for your front yard to a full landscape design involving multiple preliminary layout sketches and potential plant lists.

For example, the client’s objective might be to replace a typical subdivision sized front lawn with more water efficient and interesting plantings. It may include a new walkway, low retaining walls, mounds and dry streambed. Generally, a landscape plan for a project like this with one emailed preliminary layout sketch and a mailed hard copy of the final landscape design will take me about 4-6 hours.

A situation that doesn’t require a preliminary layout would be less expensive, one that requires multiple revisions to the preliminary sketch and additional visits would cost more. I will give you a price range and advise you of costs at the Initial Meeting.

Preliminary Sketch

Conceptual plan to scale, will show locations of all proposed site elements and existing features to remain- hardscape, walks, driveway, patio, decking, fences, general planting areas, trees.
It can be emailed to you as a pdf or if necessary I can bring a hard copy out to go over with you.
If the drawing is complicated I may color one copy to make it easier to read.
This is your opportunity to give me input and let me know if you would like to make changes. Once you’ve approved the preliminary sketch, I will draw up the final.

Changing a PDF into a full sized drawing

If zooming in on your computer screen is not enlarging the plan enough you can forward the email from me to nearest copy store. The attachment will stay with the email. The copy store can make you a full sized, usually 24×36”, paper copy for a couple of dollars.

Potential Plant List

This is list of plants I will be choosing from to fill your yard. Some clients like to have a chance to go over the list and let me know if there are any on it they do not care for. You can see the plants in person at a local nursery or on line.

Final Plan

The Final Plan will be 18”x 24” or 24×36”, drawn to scale, conceptually illustrating the layout of all design elements. It will show house in relation to whole lot, hardscape, including any walkways, patios, and decks and a detailed placement of plants with a schedule of their names, sizes and quantities.

Any changes to the final will be billed at the hourly rate.

Color on Final available for extra charge

I believe the best way to ensure you get the landscape you will be happy with is to have a design drawn up by a professional whose specialty is garden design. My designs are tailored to fit your site, your lifestyle and your personal tastes
. Gardens are my specialty. I will take time with you exploring different options and explaining the available choices. My suggestions are objective, based on what is really right for you, not on how much profit can be made on the installation.

That design will clearly communicate your desires to the contractor installing it. Many design/build firms who advertise free designs often pack the design with too many plants or unnecessary hardscape you don’t need. They make up the design cost in the installation.

A well-prepared landscape design can save you time and money while greatly enhancing your life.